Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Forever Charmed

The Power of Three 
I had such an amazing weekend at the Comic Con in New Orleans, meeting Brian Krause, Shannen Doherty, and Holly Marie Combs. I've posted all kinds of tweets also and Holly and Brian favorited so many of them, I've lost track! They were all very nice and fun to talk to. They were so easy to talk to and have a conversation with. I've asked many questions and they engaged in conversation with my boyfriend and I when we got their autographs twice. :) I told Shannen I got my boyfriend into watching Charmed with me and she told me, "You go, girl! Way to go for getting your boyfriend to watch Charmed with you". My boyfriend said something about them fighting in those outfits they wore on the show and Shannen said they got used to it and she actually learned to run in heels. I also asked how she enjoyed the beignets in New Orleans and she said they were really good and that she got powdered sugar all over herself and was hyper when she got back to her hotel room.
Got my Book of Shadows
I've also asked Shannen about a Charmed movie and she said that it's possible, but that CBS owns all the rights so they could just raise money for it themselves and present it to CBS and they aren't opposed to doing a movie.... Brian was really funny as well and made jokes and stuff. One of the things I told Holly was that I really enjoyed Off the Map and she said "thank you, we tried to make it fun" and I told her it was very entertaining and that she and Shannen are very funny on the show. I think they all have such a great sense of humor. I also got a hug from all of them. I can't get over how pleasant and cool they were! It was unbelievable. I also really really enjoyed the Charmed Q&A panel, they were all so funny and entertaining! Such an amazing weekend. <3
BF & I got our picture autographed
and framed on our wall.

If you want to watch the Charmed panel from New Orleans, you can view it here. ;) 

I apologize for the shakiness, but I couldn't stop laughing in some parts. Even off the show, they all have such great chemistry and a lovely sense of humor. It was just really awesome to be able to do this. Charmed is a favorite show of mine and it means a lot to me to be able to meet some of the actors and actresses that were on it and get their autographs and pictures with them! <3 


Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Oops I Did It Again!

It happened again, guys. Last night, on December 28th, I had the pleasure of meeting the
legendary miss Britney Spears again, and she was as sweet as ever. She is also so freaking beautiful in person, and I know I said that last time (which was the first time that I met her). I felt much more prepared this time and even brought two gifts for her. One of the gifts I had custom made shortly after I purchased my meet & greet ticket in September. It is  
My gifts to Britney! 
a heart shaped silver locket with a picture of her sons on it and on the front it says "Always in my heart" and on the back I engraved it with lyrics from her song, My Baby: My precious love, sent from above / My baby boo, God, I thank You. And I also made her a custom card to go with it! The other gift I made a week before the meet & greet. Someone in the Facebook group I am co-admin of, Britney Addicts: We Got That Boom Boom, inspired me and gave me an idea to make her a custom photo book. So, I had members submit their pictures and New Year's messages to Britney and I designed a photo book for her as a New Year's gift from the group. I gave both, the locket and the photo book to Fe after the backstage tour, so she could give them to Britney. I opened it all up and showed her and she loved the photo book (we looked through the pages together) and she said that she will take them to Britney's dressing room right now before the meet & greet and she also told us that after Britney looks at them, they go to her mom's house and her mom keeps them at her house and whenever Britney visits, they sometimes look at them together (I know of at least someone who made her some kind of book in 2011 during the Femme Fatale tour and Fe took it to Britney's dressing room because Britney likes looking at things like that while she is getting her make-up done). 

Oops I did it again! 
So I made sure that I would line up first after the backstage tour for the meet & greet. I didn't want to risk anyone freaking her out before it was my turn and then me having a bad experience because of it. I wasn't as nervous as last time when I went up to talk to her. She was so tiny and pretty and the room was lit much better than last time (it wasn't as dim as it was last time). She made very good eye contract me with. I told her my name is Marina and I was born in Russia and grew up in Israel (and I waved to her bodyguard Edan who was standing behind us and said hi to him, because he is Israeli, and he smiled at me). I also showed off my tank top to her (front and back) and she said it was really cool and seemed to like it. Then she asked if I'd like to take the picture and we did. Then she said she hopes I enjoy the show and I told her that my boyfriend and I saw it in GA the night before and we loved it. I also told her about giving Fe the photo book I made her and the locket and she thanked me and said it was very sweet of me and that she loved them. Then I asked if it was okay if I gave her a hug and she said sure and leaned in to give me a hug. It was very sweet. I feel like I got to tell her a lot more and no one rushed me at all. 

Oh yeah, and speaking of being in GA the night before... It was my boyfriend's first time
On the big screen!
seeing her in person and we were in the front right by the stage and he said that she looks really pretty in person! :) I tweeted a picture of my boyfriend & I in the pit and it made it on the big screen at the Britney concert within not even 5 minutes. It was so cool to be up there for everyone to see. Two girls behind us actually pointed it out to me because I wasn't looking up at it. They said, "Hey, look you're up there! Isn't that you guys?" SO COOL. <3 It was awesome to see her so close. And my boyfriend said it was definitely a lot better than the Backstreet Boys concert I took him to last year! Haha. She was really into it and her outfits were really pretty. I loved the new Me Against the Music outfit. Her hair looked amazing too. I am so glad that I got to see her perform with blonde hair this time! It's my favorite style, blonde & short. :) 

Front row after the meet & greet
But, back to the meet & greet and concert experience on December 28th. I went with my friend from New York, who on the internet goes by Amaryllis Fatale. She also had a great picture and a great experience. It was fun to go with her and share the experience with her because she is like my soulmate. We always seem to have the same opinions, etc. We had such a blast jumping up & down and singing along to all of Britney's songs. We also met some cool people there who were also doing the meet & greet. And, of course, we went drinking and celebrating a great experience afterwards. 

I know there are some websites out there that are full of
With sweet Fe 
haters and rude people. All those people do is pick apart every single meet & greet picture with Britney and criticize it. I was discouraged after my last picture, which I really loved, and was not planning on sharing my meet & greet picture this time around. But I figured, what the hell. I don't go on those negative sites anymore and I love my picture and the experience I had and that is all that matters. Not anything that anyone else says! I don't really understand why people have to pick on her meet & greet pics. No other meet & greet pics are picked apart and criticized as much as Britney's are. I have met the Backstreet Boys multiple times and my pictures with them have never been hated on. It's so ridiculous that haters make Britney fans feel bad about their pictures and have to point out negative things about them. It's not cool at all. Let people enjoy their experiences and their pictures-- don't ruin it! ;) 


Monday, December 8, 2014

The Power of Three

Nostalgia strikes! This is seriously the perfect moment for me to create a new blog entry because I have been feeling extremely nostalgic tonight and (over the past few weeks). Charmed is one of my all-time favorite TV shows and I have recently started watching it from the very beginning with my boyfriend because my boyfriend and I went to LA during the summer and we saw the Charmed house (aka The Halliwell Manor). My boyfriend has never seen the show before and I wanted him to see it, especially since he saw the house with me in real life! He actually got into it and we are currently on season 5. 

Prue was my favorite sister and after she died, I remember I really didn't like Paige. However, Paige grew on me pretty quick and then became my favorite. Also, I've always wanted the power to orb. I just thought orbing was so cool and it still is the one magical power I would absolutely love to have more than anything! I remember I used to be a member of some pretty active Charmed message boards back when the show was still filming (such as Charmed: the Prophecy and Charmed-Boards.com) and I have made some pretty awesome friends whom I'm still in contact with to this day. I also remember I used to have Charmed calendars, books, their magazine, and other merchandise. I have been looking back tonight and it has made me feel incredibly nostalgic. There is one Charmed message board that is still up and running, called Screen Scene, but unfortunately it isn't as active as it once was, which makes me feel really sad. Where did the time go? Time flies by way too fast, we don't even get to really cherish the awesome moments that become memories. I remember my dad and I used to watch the show together. We would tune in to catch every new episode when it aired and never missed a single one. 

I am really looking forward to attending the Wizard World Comic Con in January because I got tickets to the Charmed VIP Experience for my boyfriend and I. I am extremely excited to meet Shannen Doherty, Brian Krause, and Holly Marie Combs! I've been thinking of questions to ask them and things to say to them. There are entirely way too many things running through my mind! 

There are so many things that I loved about the show. It made me laugh, it made me cry, it made me extremely envious, and it was such an amazing escape from reality. I remember when we were in middle school, a friend of mine and I would play at her house and pretend we were the Charmed sisters and were using magical powers to vanquish demons. How embarrassing! Good times, good times. :) It's a show that I have seen over and over and still enjoy watching. I thought it was extremely creative and all the actors and actresses on it did such an amazing job. It;s exhausting for me just to think about all they must have gone through just to film a single episode. Those magical powers aka special effects must be somewhat time-consuming! 


Sunday, April 20, 2014


Today I am wishing a very happy 21st birthday to my favorite boy band, the Backstreet Boys. They came out when I was around 4 years old and I literally listened to their music for most of my life! My all time favorite song is I Want It That Way. They are super down to earth and treat their fans like friends and I am very proud to be a Backstreet Boys fan. I enjoy attending their concerts, meet & greets, cruises and after parties as well as jamming to their old school and new music. They truly interact with their fans and it's really awesome. I can listen to their music over and over again without ever getting tired of it. I have so many wonderful memories of them and with them that I will cherish forever. They feel like friends and make wonderful music that I will always enjoy. Happy anniversary boys! <3


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Melissa Explains It All

Melissa Joan Hart autographed her book for me. I freaking love this book. I enjoyed reading it so much. I really enjoyed the story about how she snuck Britney Spears out at night to go clubbing. Too cute. I'm a fan of her shows, Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Melissa & Joey, so I really enjoyed reading about the behind the scenes stuff. She's such a cool, down to earth person and this book really shows it. Such a great read. <3 I definitely recommend it!